May 26, 2017


We are partnered with the families of coffee farmers that comprise the isolated community of La Laguna – central in the Nicaraguan Highlands and located 22 miles from the nearest infrastructural municipalities; schools, hospitals.

We have developed a strong relationship with, and topographically surveyed the expansive community of La Laguna, consisting of of about 185 men, women, and children, and have scientifically determined that they suffer from critical a lack of clean water. Each year in the initial fury of the rainy season washout, the young kids of the village suffer waterborne illness; diarrhea as a result of waterborne illness kills 2195 (CDC) children daily worldwide – the younger the child, the worse havoc waterborne diseases tend to wreck on a their faculties. Infants who acquire fever and diarrheal symptoms in regions without available medical care often suffer fatality.

Sourcing their water from a year-round flowing mountain stream, dammed approximately half a mile from the center of La Laguna, in April 2019 we will be implementing a pipeline and sanitary basin system that provides filtration, chlorination, and central distribution to the 3 sprawling sub-villages that comprise La Laguna with clean water, available 24/7.

Our design is simple, robust, and highly effective for this application… but we need your help to buy the construction materials!

Approximately 1.2 miles of 4″ diameter pipeline will be laid, along with all essential regulatory fixtures and valves, and concrete sanitary basin structures will be erected at each of the 3 sub-villages to provide central access to clean water throughout the La Laguna community.

Every dollar brings us closer to solving a crisis for 185 people!

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We truly appreciate any support you can provide. Thank you!